About us

At PBJ.LA we aim to delight peanut butter and jelly lovers with inventive combinations of organic, exotic nut butters, superfoods, artisanal jams and more.

PBJ.LA is not your mom’s peanut and butter jelly. We take something that was already great and make it exponentially better with surprising, absolutely delectable mash-ups of flavors and organic, healthy ingredients - every item being house-made from scratch. PBJ.LA creates the perfect place to indulge without the guilt. 

“The introduction of PBJ.LA harkens back to the Market’s opening day in 1917 when local peanut butter maker, McGee’s, made its debut,” said Christophe Farber, Grand Central Market Director of Development & Special Projects. “Now, as we celebrate the Market’s 100th year anniversary, our history comes full circle with another peanut butter breakthrough.” 

PBJ.LA would not be possible without one place: the gym. Sky Sport & Spa was the incubator for the reinvention of the American classic. This is where Payvand Salehi and Brad Greenberg met Jimmy Franklin, a respected celebrity trainer from this world-famous rooftop gym. Together they brainstormed the vision for PBJ.LA from their shared passion for plant-based cuisine – Payvand had lost nearly 100 pounds after committing to an organic, vegetarian diet and having grown up in a culinary family - Brad has taken the helm as the brand's chef, dialing in the team’s imaginative concepts. Renowned branding and design firm nondesigns came on-board to give PBJ.LA its fresh look in order to reference their ultra-modern take on an old favorite.